Biyani Auditorium

Biyani Rules & Regulations


  1. Use of fire hazardous material should strictly be avoided inside the auditorium.
  2. Photographer/Videographer Services are available free of cost for the event. However, photo albums/Cds and other materials are chargeable as per the quote given by the photographer/videographer.
  3. Smoking, consumption of pan, pan masala, zarda and serving and consumption of eatables and all beverages in the visitors’ gallery and in the function area is prohibited.
  4. Open flames, firecrackers, hand blasters and electronic blasters are prohibited inside the auditorium.
  5. Local law stipulates that all events must conclude by 10 pm.
  6. Deposition of a Auditorium Charges and Housekeeping charges in advance is mandatory. In addition, Electricity charges will be applied on the basis of electicity consumption during the event. The repair cost of any damage caused to the property during the event will be in addition to the above charges.
  7. In case of a refund, as approved by the Managing Committee of Biyani Shikshan Samiti, the refund procedures will be affected within 15 days of the date of cancellation, after deducting applicable service tax, luxury tax and Nagar Nigam charges.
  8. The refund amount is refundable only to the organizer who has booked the premises.
  9. All payments must be made at least six days in advance through Cash/Cheque in favour of Biyani Girls College, payable at Jaipur.
  10. The security of all displays inside and outside the premises and additional security arrangement are the sole responsibility of the event organizer.
  11. Additional 30% tariff is applicable on account of preparations and dismantling if the premise is occupied for more than one hour before the event and/or is not vacated within a stipulated period after conclusion of the event.
  12. Parking facility for the visitors is free of cost.
  13. The management reserves the right to cancel or discontinue an event.
  14. The College premises are not available for erecting stalls or decorative arches, without prior consent of the Management. It is advisable to discuss any external decoration needs at the time of booking, with the Management or Booking Committee.
  15. No eateries are permissible inside the premises.
  16. Event organizers are expected to maintain cleanliness throughout the event.
  17. The courts of Jaipur shall have exclusive jurisdiction in dealing with all disputes.


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